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Lee Joon-Gi also appeared concurrently on the small screen in the SBS drama series "My Girl," further boosting his popularity & making him one of the most popular actors in Asia. Lee Joon Gi is the one who makes me get used to historical drama, and makes me able to watch another historical drama even tho there is no him in it. God gave you a special talent and you used it well i wish i cold travel over there to visit your country too but the racism on blacks is unbearable oh Mr handsome maybe we will meet one day in Hollywood when i travel to the US okay chao I really admire you a lot Lee Joon Gi. my dear joongi stay put, b humble as u are, stay healthy for all of us who s watchng u n a distance.success n ur career, more tv series pls n phls. Thank you for being an inspiration for me to be happy when I see your pictures .the best oppa ..make me a crazy one or should I say "buang" hahaha..healthy that more inspiration for me..hehe!!! I really wish to see you in person once in my life time. You did a very good Job and very nice acting as 4th princes Wang So... i love scarlet ryeo, the whole cast especially you... Fall in love with Wang So, the flawless man who is touch Hae Soo's heart, even mine! Therefore, I am going to find many information about you on internet, social media, youtube, and feels so excited to get to know you better. I'm happy to have seen you again in 'Scarlet Heart: Goryeo'. I most loved the part that he acts as the 4th Prince...story fulfilled my decision to love his acts more and be like him someday........ We're looking forward for your more projects that will come, we're here to support and loved you always.

After "The King and the Clown," Joon-Gi has usually taken on more masculine roles to avoid typecasting. Now that Lee Joon Gi plays Criminal Minds, I am so happy how people are welcoming him to the 21st century! This shows how much people love and admit his roles and good acts in historical drama that people thought he is a man living in those time. After i watched Scarlet Heart, I can't help myself but to search more about you and your Drama series. I wish i can meet you in person one day.after watching scarlet heart i couldnt get enough of it so i've watched it all over again and i cannot wait to watch the season 2 of it.i hope there is...ur fan since My girl...???? Youre smile my love Hi Lee joon GI ......i wish I could go in Korea to see yah And i wish you never lie to us (your fans ) if u did i wish there's a good reason behind of not just like your others fan that may idolize you me I'm not idolize you ...Its a secret reason .? Most especially the Scholar who walks the night,it is a very tensing drama to me. Im ur great fan Lee Joon-Gi.....hoping that u do ur best more....I wish for more koreanovelas u act...... Indeed, I am thankful for his existence in entertainment industry. You're too good at being your self nor in front of cameras or behind. Lee Joon Gi needs to stop worrying about rating, you know why?

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All of that being said, producers manufacture and script a lot of the drama that we see on the show!

I assume that the whole prenup scene I mentioned before was mostly contrived for the cameras, as was Mark’s continued insistence on referring to his ex-wife.

Well, it turns out that the “Top Model” reference wasn’t out of the blue because Nikki is an experienced model with big aspirations.

On this Explore Talent profile, a woman who looks exactly like Nikki named Nikki Rose Gervise (photo above) has a series of modeling photos and her long list of casting calls and auditions she is interested in includes: Modeling Jobs Runway, Modeling Jobs Print, and Reality TV Casting.

She lists her age as 20 (which would be right given that she filmed quite a while ago when she was 19) and her place of residence as Los Angeles. OK, before we get to the Los Angeles thing, let me point out that at least half of the photos posted by Nikki on her Explore Talent profile page were taken by a photographer for Mohdify Photos in Cebu City, Philippines in 2014 — well before Nikki began filming for Adding even more confusion to things is this photo that surfaced online that appears to feature Nikki and a gal pal and references Nikki’s husband named Jamie Jaramillo?!

The name Jamie turns up again on what appears to be a legitimate (i.e.

While growing up, Joon-Gi was a fairly normal kid who enjoyed sports & computers.

He first became interested in the performing arts as a high school student after watching a play of “Hamlet.”[1] Lee Joon-Gi initially failed to get into college and, because of this, he moved to Seoul with almost nothing, but a dream to work in the entertainment field.

Even disgruntled former stars like Starcasm faves Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares have never stated the couples weren’t actual couples looking to get married.

The fact that some of the featured men and women appear to have questionable motives only reinforces the “reality” of the show for me, not to mention the entertainment value.

"The Hotel Venus" would go on to become moderately successful in Japan selling 2.8 million tickets. I really admire u a lot.I watched scarlet heart eyes, I fallen inlove with you.prince wang so..?? I search all ur past movies and series,and I watched ur on going series criminal minds.. Love from India Of all the leading men I've watched, he has this charisma of effortless cuteness that every girl will have butterflies on his stomach.

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