A street smart dating guide dating a teacher

But this isn’t about tea, the drink, it’s about the dizzying number of things that word can mean.

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Continue reading → This Ha BO is from Alexa and who is searching for a historical romance, possibly of the YA variety: This was in the ’90s, but it was a library book, so I’m not sure when it was published; I remember it being not terribly tattered or brown around the edges, so it may have been published around then.

I think it was part of a series, though this was the only one I ever read. Continue reading [NB: Amanda collected a few minimalist covers, and it turned into a whole conversation with Sarah about how each responds to cover art, and what the different artistic elements signal in terms of genre.] Amanda: Admittedly, I’m playing a bit fast and loose with “minimalism” in that I’m just going with a singular central image on a cover.

I’d love to see more minimalist covers in romance over clinch covers because the former really piques …

Continue reading series and trust me, this series is amazing.

You can't rely on the formula you learned in math class.4. Imagine if Dave Grohl accepted Tom Petty's offer to play drums for him, or Amy Schumer agreed to host . Impressing your employers, networking, and knowing how to understand the nuances of people's behavior can be used to your advantage in the workplace.

Just a quick look at any given presidential race will show that it's not often the smartest person who wins, but the one who's sharper when it comes to relating to people.6. When you're walking down the street, it helps to be cognizant of what's going on around you. Is the person behind me walking a little too quickly?

Because being street smart will get you out of any jam. Book smart versus street smart: Which one is better? As someone who grew up in an Indian family, a good education was vigorously emphasized (read: drilled into our brains incessantly). Being book smart is essential in certain situations. There are other times where being book smart is useless other than to impress your friends with how worldly and intelligent you are.

Or maybe it's my heater which has decided to start rattling every night at 4 AM. You don't want someone who got a D in brain surgery operating on your noggin.

My knowledge that General Cornwallis surrendered to the Yankees on October 29, 1781 has done me little good in life.

Nonetheless, street smarts trump book smarts any day.

Hopefully these links will give you a nice, much-needed break and re-energize you to finish out the work week. Plus, she’s a guest on Book Riot’s Recommended podcast, talking about Shelly … I’m not sure if it can be read as a standalone, so maybe the Bitchery can help with that question.

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