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Kat turned and looked at her, a frown upon her face. Kat was still holding Angie's hand as Jason approached the counter, looking over it. Jason leaned forward, trying for the moment to forget Kathy's hand and its playful stroking between his legs. Angie's eyes were overflowing with tears and she looked at Kat, begging silently. Angie's face fell with acceptance and she took hold of her halter top with both hands and raised it upward. Kat took hold of Angie purse, pulling it from Angie's shoulder. They jingled and rang as she put purse down on the counter behind her. "A severe spanking." Kat pushed her forward until her thighs hit the counter that held the warming plate. "You can help." Jason's eyes popped open even wider. Angie breasts dangled and her cheeks felt the wash of heat. Pull her forward." Kathy said, pushing Angie forward and down. "Cause Angie and I just love them." Her eyes turned toward the half naked girl who was busily mopping the dining area. Bar hopping, man chasing, getting screwed, whatever you want to call it." Kat said disgustedly. Kat removed the entire peel and dumped it next to the vibroballs.

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Angie could feel the waves against her bare legs and then right up the short black skirt that was wrapped around her hips. Kat raised her hand and flicked one of Angie's nipples. She tried to jerk back up but Kathy was holding her down. I don't want her to be able to get off the plate, okay? Angie felt Jason's grip on her wrists tighten and she was acutely aware of the quick excited breaths the shift manager was making. I'll do it." Angie replied demurely, her eyes on the floor. Her breasts were only slowly loosing their redness and she took hold of the mop handle and began to swipe the ceramic tiles. Mopping the dining area had resulted in fresh surges of desire from between her legs and the vibroballs were driving her mad. Mom's not much of a housekeeper." A flash of worry crossed Jason's face. Angie moaned a thin soft cry that spoke of discomfort and need. It was slightly melted, but its thick cream still lay coolly in the shallow cup. Now she picked it up, loading a scoop of the ice cream onto the metal utensil. She pushed her finger and the nozzle inside Angie and pushed against the nozzle.

She paused as she stepped up onto the walkway that led to the restaurant door and looked around nervously. Angie jerked with the sudden sensation and Kat laughed. Her breasts felt like they had been encased in a bra hot from the dryer, except instead of the pleasant and quickly suffusing heat she felt the still intense warmth of the hot plate. Jason watched in rapture as the slight tinkling of the vibroballs filled the room and Angie kept herself turned toward him so that her bare breasts wouldn't be seen by those driving by. She had contemplated throwing herself upon Jason, but she suspected that Kathy would be angry. Kat pushed the banana in deeper and deeper until almost the entire fruit was embedded. She leaned over between Angie's outstretched legs and used her left hand to split the lips of the tied girl's slit. The sound of escaping gas didn't conceal the sudden squeal that erupted from Angie's mouth.

Then it was over and she pulled the bottle away from her sex. Kat had reached for the bag and extracted two lengths of black nylon rope and she and quickly tied one end to the metal ring embedded in Angie's left wrist cuff. Angie groaned and Jason took hold of the other leg and pulled it up, bending Angie in half. Jason followed, yielding to her domineering attitude. The sight of Angie tied spread just a few inches from him along with the rhythmic grunts and squeals coming from the video had his nerves jangling with desire. Angie squealed and jerked as the fruit penetrated her deeply.

She rocked back and forth on her feet for a second, letting the pleasure wash over her, her breaths coming in short gasps. Angie sat down in an easy chair that stood off to the left and fidgeted a little. She could feel the cool hard strength of the oak table under her, her legs parted and still on the floor to either side. "Take her other ankle and pull her legs up so she's bent in half, like this." Kathy said, pulling Angie's leg up and bending it so that her foot came almost to her head. She leaned forward and with a quick movement plunged the banana deep into Angie's body.Of course, as usual she had eventually capitulated, putting on the short black skirt and red halter top. "Next time I tell you to wear these to pick me up, you better." Kat said. Suddenly she felt the round hardness of the ball against the wet petals of her sex. Jason gripped her wrists and pulled forward and down. She's going to mop the dining area." Angie's eyes widened and she pulled backward. Just take off your shirt and get started." Angie's mouth flapped. " Her eyes darted to the windows, seeing the bright streaks of headlights flashing past. "You pour it over the top of the banana split right? A thick dollop of fudge bubbled at the tip, and then poured down, landing with a thick shock right on Angie's clit. He held the pitcher over Angie's right breast and looked at Kat. " Kat said, pleased that Jason was getting involved. She returned it to the tray and grabbed the whip cream can. As she sucked on one she looked at Jason who was trying, unobtrusively, to rub his cock through his pants. She reached over and quickly unlatched his belt, popping the button in seconds.Angie had even given in on some of the other requirements, though not all. She opened her small purse and saw the three red colored latex balls sitting there. Kat twirled the ball around, coating it with a clear cream, and then pushed, letting it enter her with a pop. The second ball was pulled hard against her sex and Kat repeated the process. Kat swung again and this time all three of them heard the ringing sound of the vibroballs as Angie's hips recoiled from the slap. "OOWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAA" screamed Angie, bucking wildly as the hot fudge began to seep downward through the petals of her sex. Jason poured the fudge, watching it fall and coat the erect nipple and swollen areolas. He had barely stood when she yanked both his boxers and pants downward, freeing the rock hard shaft from its cotton imprisonment.Angie navigated her way through the tables and stacked chairs, her high heeled sandals seeming to echo loudly in the still dining area. Her right hand went around Angie's waist and pulled her close. His apron was splattered with ketchup and other condiments, but he was smiling. "Yeah, nice to meet you." She reached over the warmer plate and shook his hand. We turned if off already, but it stays warm for a long time. " He placed the palm of his hand on the warm surface. " He held is hand down on the plate for a couple seconds. She once again delved into the succulent bowl before her, this time driving the spoon slightly in.She tried to walk slowly, a few feet behind Kat, as they approached the counter. Angie realized how attractive he was and she felt a sudden tingling. She was a little shocked when she felt the heat streaming up from it. When he pulled his hand up Angie could see that it was a light pink. Jason quivered as the hand grasping him pulsed and he watched in utter amazement as Kat tasted the spoonful of chocolate and banana and cream and Angie.A single parking lot light was on, shrouding the rest of the restaurant exterior in darkness. The dining area was dark, but that was to be expected this late. She was here to pick up her best friend Kathy who was assisting the shift manager to close the store. Suddenly she felt a cold draft across her bottom and she realized that Kathy had flipped up her skirt. Angie spread her legs wide apart, hoping this would please Kat and get her to let her up from the hot plate. Kat pulled her hand back and brought it down hard against Angie's bottom. And if you disobey we can always sit you down on the hot plate and I can whip those perky little tits of yours. Kat had finished putting away a few last items and tapped Jason on the shoulder. Jason was a little taken aback but recovered almost instantly. Kat laughed at his enthusiasm but then she looked mischievous. "Here we are." Announced Kat as she unlocked the back door that led to the kitchen. Angie whimpered and Kat pulled a portion back out and began to pump, soft wet thrusts, into the pink folds of Angie's body. As soon as the spoon touched the clit, Angie jerked, crying out. "The hot fudge." Said Jason, this time with more conviction. "I like the way you think." She reached over to the tray and took a small clay pitcher in her hand. Kat laughed as the whip cream filled the last of the empty space inside Angie's sex.

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