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North American and European passports are the most desirable, representing the possibility of moving to developed countries.

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The main pool area features sun beds, lounge chairs and efficient service.

Picturesque Location: Viva Wyndham V Samana is an adult-only all-inclusive resort targeted to guests 18 years and older, underlining prime beach, exclusive location, creative gastronomy and optimal service in a modern-day, chic atmosphere.

The Samana area of the Dominican Republic is a fast growing destination for travelers from around the world.

It is accessible from three airports, least expensive of which is Santo Domingo and features luxurious hotels in two main areas, Las Galeras and Las Terrenas.

And if they find the right guy, a modest monthly remittance after you return to home.

In the Dominican Republic girls are warm, many prefer selling the illusion of love, with sentimentality and sweet words, whispered love songs and dances.Many of them actually end up by really falling in love with what they see as their “knight in shinning armor” (or is it amour) They will call you “Mi Vida,” (my life) at least when they begin.But beware all you mariposas, (butterflies) who go for new flowers every night, the girls may become quite “celosa” (jealous). It make blood and adrenaline flow, it makes you feel alive, even if it’s a lie, maybe even more so, especially if it induces you to regularly send money.The ambiance is alive, people having dinner, a drink, shopping the boutiques, or simply strolling accompanied by the Dominican rhythms of Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, and Reggaeton heating up the atmosphere. Communicating is not a problem; the girls will take the initiative with the tourists using a near universal Spanglish dialect, understood by everyone in Boca Chica.Once a guy gets eyed up, especially someone new, someone without a tan, with a “cara pollito blanco” (face like a white chicken), it is not unusual to see several girls compete for the their attention.The area is filled with amazing beaches, quaint and authentic towns, well maintained roads and of course top quality resorts for an unforgettable vacation.

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