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On the surface, they couldn't be more different, but when it comes to the subject of dating - be it on the playground or at the senior center - these two agree that dating never gets any easier.

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We tell women to...mentally push (men who dump them) off a cliff, and move on to the next one."Greven agreed."You kind of have to take it tough and everything," he said. It's good because it works with pretty much everything."And when should you use the "l" word - love - in a relationship?

Eisenberg joked you shouldn't lie if a woman asks, "Do you love me?

However, both agreed, you have to move on after you're rejected.

Eisenberg said, "The truth is that rejection is only something that is a temporary thing that you quickly forget.

"It's kind of like you just talk about it."Greven added the best place to approach girls is at the playground.

He said, "That's where a lot of, like, most of the girls kind of hang out."As for the over 50 crowd, it's the women who are doing the chasing, according to Eisenberg.

After the couple drank the tea, he said, the man suggested they split the check."It was a very bad first impression," Eisenberg said.

Smith asked Greven where you should go to meet girls."You don't really, like, meet girls at my age," he said.

Eisenberg agreed first impressions are important, because you'll never have a second chance to make one.

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