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Plus it was the only publishing house who accepted to publish me.I contacted my aunt and asked my parents and they agreed on giving me the needed money.I thought it was time for me to overcome all of this and start doing what I love.

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Not enough teachers, that what leads to the recruitment of many teachers who are not that competent...

The consequences are endless, but talking about them isn’t the aim of this post.

Crime figures from the city show big differences in criminality between refugees from various nationalities Revenge attacks carried out by young men against foreigners took place in Cologne at the weekend and, on Monday night, right-wing rioters trashed immigrant businesses, fought with police and torched cars in a working-class district of the city of Leipzig.

An Algerian author (or soon will be) is publishing her first book... I felt such a pride that I kept posting about her and her book every two minutes on the page.

Well, in Algeria I looked for a publisher for almost a year. And then I met my publisher, Idris Khelifa who is a writer too, I asked him for an interview, and we chatted about my book and he liked a part that I sent to him.

After that his publisher asked him to be the director of the new branch they were opening in Algiers, he asked me if I was still interested in publishing my book.I was seeking for inspiration and suddenly memories started to come.They were memories I've always remembered -some of them were without importance- at least that's what I thought. I sent it then to Egypt, they accepted to read it but ended up refusing it without really giving a reason.Unfortunately, I could not go live on Facebook and I am a loser with video recording and editing.Therefore, I will just try to squeeze all of the information into this blog post. It will be a long post that hopefully will contain a big number of answers that you’ve been looking for. My name is Ines, one of the admins of the Facebook page Algerian Book Readers (I am also the creator, but we would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for the rest of the amazing team) and I am a third year student of English.I just feel sorry that languages, at our universities, are not given much importance (I guess).

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