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Because fentanyl is lethal in even miniscule doses, this is an extremely deadly tactic, as it too often causes users to ingest a fatal amount unknowingly. In side remarks to reporters at the White House, Trump discussed the need to develop pain killers that are not addictive.

The White House may not be aware that over the past several decades, many non-addictive pain killers derived from natural plant sources have been suppressed and removed from the market place by the Food and Drug Adm.

See An overdose of fentanyl can cause breathing to stop and lead to death.

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Conrad Le Beau On Oct 26, President Trump declared a national health emergency due to the growing Opioid epidemic and a death toll from drug overdoses of heroin, fentanyl and other narcotics reaching over 175 per day or 64,000 per year.

Every American knows one of more people who have died from either prescribed narcotics like Oxycontin or illegal heroin or synthetic fentanyl* smuggled into the United States from Mexico.

Kratom tea mellows people out, reduces anxiety and stress, and is a natural pain reliever.

You can read her entire article at Kratom tea can be found online at many sources.

Ed Boyer, a professor of emergency medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, who has done a handful of studies on the substance.

It's about as potent as morphine, Boyer said, and "dulls pain very well.

Drug overdoses now kill more Americans than motor vehicle crashes or gun-related incidents, and more than 300,000 Americans have died of an opioid overdose since 2000....

Three factors are driving the opioid aspect of this crisis in particular.

Thousands of deaths have been reported from drug dealers on the street who spike heroin with fentanyl.

*The original fentanyl was approved by the FDA on Sept 25, 2006. It was manufactured by Cephalon Inc and was used mainly for cancer patients that did not respond well to other opioids.

Even though it's been around for some time, the media is calling kratom a "new legal drug." A tree native to Thailand, kratom leaves are harvested and dried to create the drug, which was banned there in 1943, after people had started to use it as an opium alternative and the government realized it wasn't being taxed.

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