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His advisor is Professor Anston Bosman in the English Department.

Loretta Ross, a human and women’s rights activist who helped coin the term “reproductive justice,” spoke about the origins of the reproductive justice movement and how it can be used to dismantle white supremacy on Tuesday, Oct. Read More Award-winning photojournalist and activist Boniface Mwangi gave a talk titled “How I Found My Voice” on Wednesday, Oct.

25, in Stirn Auditorium about his experience photographing the 2007 Kenyan election, being an activist and running for a seat in Kenyan Parliament this past year....

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These data correction systems are multi-purpose and, therefore, some of the fields that appear may not be relevant to your status.

RACIAL IDENTIFICATIONS (MULTI-RACIAL APPLICANTS) Although our online applicant profile system may display only one field for race, please note that we are able to record multiple racial identifications in our applicant database and have done so based on the information we received from your submitted application and any subsequent correspondence with our office.

Each user’s score was averaged, and an average for all users who attended a certain college was calculated to produce the following ranking.

The Bursar's Office will bill you for tuition, room and board, and all mandatory fees.

It is those highest scores that are used in evaluating an applicant.

If you plan to apply regular decision, we urge you to complete your standardized tests by December 31st.

For college graduates that have a lot of school spirit, the matchmaking service The Dating Ring has ranked alums of various schools based on how dateable they are.

The company analyzed 75,000 feedback reports generated by 6,750 daters ages 18-66 living in New York City (53%) and San Francisco (29%), while the rest are from Los Angeles and Boston.

All other applicants will receive a hardcopy decision letter only upon request to the Office of Admission.

First year applicants should receive their online decision notifications around mid-December (for Early Decision) or the first week in April (for Regular Decision).

SAT If you elect to submit the SAT to satisfy Amherst's application requirement for standardized testing, you must submit the SAT I (Critical Reading / Math / Writing).

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