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For now, we will look at setting up a new wireless network, so we will select ‘Other options’ to see the full choices available.

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Airport Utility for i OS requires i OS 5.0 or later.

Secondly, you will need either an Apple Airport Express, Apple Airport Extreme base Station or Apple Time Capsule.

In this example with a current base station already configured on the network, the setup assistant asks if you would like to extend this existing network using the new base station.

This can be useful for extending the range of your wireless network by joining multiple base stations together.

Hi, i’m Russ from Amsys Training, and welcome to another edition from our podcast series.

Today, I’d like to take you through an overview of the latest version of Apple’s Airport Utility software.

This will be the ‘sender’ and ‘receiver’ of your wireless communication.

To decide which Apple Wi-Fi device is the right one for you, take a wander over to Apple’s Wi-fi section of their website at

After clicking NEXT the assistant will verify the incoming connection to your base station and give you a graphical warning if there is no internet connection responding.

Once the internet connection into your base station is working, the assistant will complete the setup.

Air Port Utility 6 released in 2012, provided a new overhaul of the utility, so in this podcast we will show you how to setup an Apple Wireless Base station, and how to use the Airport Utility, with an overview of its main features.

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