Android dev console not updating

Each app has its own product list; you cannot sell products that appear on another app's product list.You can access an app's product list by opening the permission.To add an item to a product list using the Play Console UI, follow these steps: Sets the frequency at which a user is charged while their subscription is active.

Note: After you activate a subscription, you cannot change the subscription's billing period.

For a seasonal subscription, this restriction means that you also cannot change the season's start and end dates.

The Google Play Console provides a product list for each of your published apps.

You can sell a product using Google Play's in-app billing feature only if the product is listed on an app's product list.

However, you can still add, change, and remove the prorated prices that you've associated with a seasonal subscription.

Determines the amount of time that the user can continue accessing the subscription after their payment is declined.

For more information about this permission, see Updating Your App's Manifest.

A product list specifies items you are selling in an app: managed products, subscriptions, or a combination of both.

Note: Batch upload of product lists containing subscriptions is not supported.

Also, when updating existing items in a batch upload, you cannot include changes to in-app products that are linked to a pricing template.

If the user doesn't fix their payment issue after the grace period has ended, their access to the subscription is revoked.

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