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But, El-Feki pointed out, men appear to be increasingly involved at a family level in debates over whether girls should be cut – because they see internet porn involving threesomes and other unusual practices, believe these to be the norm amongst Western women, and decide that ‘their’ girls must be prevented from following the example of these uncut promiscuous Western women.

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And far from being some kind of underground medieval Arab porn, these erotic books were religiously approved, their advice seen as part of God’s gifts to humankind.

By way of a single example, El-Feki cited Ali Ibn Nasr al-Katib’s Encyclopaedia of Pleasure, written in Baghdad in the late 10 centuries.

Breitbart London reported in April on a new sex brochure released by an LGBT NGO in Sweden which graphically explained concepts of “Sexual Health and Rights in Sweden”, with illustrations of group sex between migrants and Swedes.

Another project, this time by the Swedish Ministry of Youth and Civil Affairs, was released in September specifically tackling the concept of consent, in an effort to drive down sex attacks involving young migrants.

Another picture appears to address the issue of underage sex abuse, in which an apparently young girl embraces an adult woman, and asks whether they can have sex — the adult replies that she wants to wait.

Explaining the process of creating the book on his website, former government radio journalist Inti Chavez Perez states he “interviewed hundreds of young people, new arrivals, immigrants and born Swedish people”.

In response to a question from the audience (which filled the venue to capacity, and was perhaps 90% female), El-Feki took on the issue of female genital mutilation.

Widely prevalent in Egypt, she stressed that it is a practice common in the Coptic Christian as well as the Islamic community, rather than being associated with a particular faith.

But he still rejects the identity politics of the Western gay liberation movement, insisting that he wants – and believes to be possible – a life which combines respect and personal sexual freedom for him with an Islamic society and values.

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