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It is sometimes speculated that Pansy and the Patil twins knew each other before Hogwarts (in part due to Pansy's use of Parvati's first name in Philosopher's Stone), an idea sometimes used as a basis for Pansy/Parvati, Pansy/Padma, or Pansy/Padma/Parvati ships.

Stories pairing Pansy with other Ravenclaws (such as Cho Chang or Luna Lovegood) or Hufflepuffs (such as Ernie Macmillan or Zacharias Smith) are even rarer, but can be found.

While at Hogwarts, she becomes close friends with Draco Malfoy, and in many ways is shown to be his female counterpart.

For example, both are depicted as leaders of their group of Slytherins, and both tend to bully (or at least mock) their peers.

Malfoy on the other hand, looks like he only sees Parkinson as his 'groupie', he just enjoys the attention she gave him (being an arrogant pureblood he is), but it definitely doesn't seem like he respects her in any way.

And after reading HP7, you realize that he's not all bad lol He cried in the bathroom, he doesnt wanna be a deaeth eater, he couldnt kill Dumbledore, he acts the way he does because of all the presure under his father who forced him to be a death eater and if he had to do what Voldemort told him to because his family's life are at stakes.

So he was evil for good reasons, hes been through so much.

The last book gave us new perspective about Malfoy. He yearned for her and the need that reflected back at him in those icy blue eyes of hers told him she felt the same. but when he gets stuck in a Ministry lift with Pansy Parkinson one afternoon, he'll discover the truth in that old wives' tale. Each time he met her eyes he felt a jolt in his body, stirring up his emotions until he was at the farthest reach of his restraint.Just prior to the Battle of Hogwarts, Pansy was the only person in the Great Hall to speak up in favour of handing Harry over to Voldemort.However, she did not participate on either side during the battle.Examples of this include her distress after Draco is attacked by Buckbeak in their third year and is a victim of Harry's Sectumsempra curse in sixth year.

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