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When there were rumors about Jonas’ sexuality, Gomez appeared on Watch What happens Live host, Andy Cohen saying: “I dated him!

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Some fans are tired of their never-ending love story, but others still have hope for the two exes. They left holding hands.” As neither Selena Gomez nor The Weeknd confirmed their relationship, they do seem pretty close.

While taking time in a rehab center, Bieber visited Gomez, sparking rumors that they would get back together. The couple were spotted kissing on their outing, so things look promising.

One of the website’s insiders stated, “Justin knows Taylor doesn’t like him and never will and the feeling is mutual, but he is smart enough to know not to say anything in public or on social media because he knows all the scrutiny he’d endure.” It’s no secret Taylor Swift, aka Regina George with a couple of Grammy awards, is a bit controlling when it comes to her squad of Hollywood Mean Girls.

On more than one occasion, there have been reports of T-Swift’s BFFs being a bit disgruntled with their fearless leader because she was dictating who they could and couldn’t date and hang out with.

Is Selena Gomez actually brave enough to hook up with and date Taylor Swift‘s little brother, Austin?

Sel Go and Taylor are BFFs, so it’s hard to say whether or not T-Swift would be in total support of this pairing or in total disgust. In the past, Taylor expressed MAJOR FEELINGS (mostly bad ones) regarding Sel Go’s choice in men, particularly Justin Bieber, so maybe T-Swift would be totally cool with them hooking up. Honestly, I have a hard time believing that they’re dating, mostly because the evidence is slim at best.

The 24-year-old singer stepped out of Giorgio Baldi with Bella Hadid’s ex-boyfriend, early last week. Dating or not, Bella Hadid seems to be furious with both Gomez and The Weeknd, after she unfollowed Gomez on Instagram, shortly before posting a photo of herself flipping the bird.

All we know is that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd make a pretty cute couple, so we would not mind if these rumors turned out to be true!

There has always been some “Bad Blood” between Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift – and apparently it is because Biebs blames T-Swift for some of his and Selena’s break-ups.

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