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It might be even bigger than the biggest stone sphere in Costa Rica.

I think this one is a natural concretion sphere, because of the iron content and the presence of layered shells, clearly visible in the picture.

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So far (2016), the biggest stone sphere found, in the town of Podubravlje in the middle of Bosnia.

It has a radius between 1.2 and 1.5 meters (4 to 5 feet).

The local villagers told that many of the stones of this hill were carried away for construction of buildings in their village.

Daorson was the capital of a Hellenised Illyrian tribe called the Daorsi.

This big stone ball found in Bosnia (near the village of Slatina, Banjaluka).

A lot of spheres have been covered by dirt for thousands of years and are usually discovered by accident.

Based on the brown and red color, it is assumed that is has a very high content of iron.

if this is the case, then it must weight about 30 tons.

Thus people have been looking around and, yes, they found other evidence.

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