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However, if we take a slightly more focused look at the DD-3, we find three distinctly different versions, with a fourth thrown in for good measure…

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This essentially means that there are circuit traces (the small ”wires” running along the back of a normal circuit board) on the front of the pcb as well, eliminating the need for connecting wires, and the surface-mounted (SMT) components take up a lot less space. Sadly, the pedal sounds quite a bit colder and more ”precise” than the earlier ones, so from a pure sound perspective, I definitely prefer the DD-2 and version 1 DD-3.

However, with a couple of mods to take the treble edge off the delay sound, the version 3 DD-3 can sound pretty nice indeed.

This means that if you find a DD-3 that has a wobbly mode selector while the other pots are screwed down tight, it is definitely a version 1 pedal.

If you open it up, you will find a huge delay chip that covers the entire width of the circuit board, along with a maze of wires connecting the pots and various points on the pcb. Eventually, Boss decided that the circuit design used in the DD-2 and early DD-3 was too expensive to manufacture – which is understandable, considering the amound of hand-wiring and tiny wires that went into one of those pedals.

Boss released this pedal in 1983, and to say that it caused a stir is an understatement.

Still, the technology involved was quite expensive, so it wasn’t a pedal everyone could afford.It had the ”external” type of adapter jack (the one that slides into a cutout in the box, rather than just poke through a square ”hole” as they do these days), and a blue label marked ”Made in Japan”.The mode selector was mounted separately from the other three pots (which were soldered together to a small circuit board).This is the current version, and it is once again quite different from the earlier models.The service notes for this pedal have a header that says ”DD-3(T)”, although in the text it is referred to as the DD-3(B).At a later point in time, Boss moved the production to Taiwan, obviously changing the label as well.

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