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Now: The "Basketball Wives" star said "I do" to NBA player Kenny Anderson one year after her stint on this network; the duo -- who ultimately filed for divorce -- soon welcomed now-teenage daughters Lyric and Jazz (above).Then: The seemingly sweet Aussie was trying to make a name for herself as a model living in Paris.Then: From her priceless imitations of her beloved parents Shorty and Mercy to her rousing renditions of roomie David's trademark tune "C'Mon Be My Baby Tonight," Melissa earned her spot as quite arguably the most hysterical cast member to ever appear on the storied series.

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Their romance didn’t extend past The Real World, but their pregnancy scare was one for the record books.

Brad and Cameran (San Diego) Brad had a girlfriend at home, but that didn’t stop him from spending time with Cameran.

They were the only two in the house that weren’t crazed or obsessed with darkness.

Trishelle and Steven (Las Vegas) Steven & Trishelle were the all-American couple that could have been.

Eric and Julie (New York) Everyone from the first season of The Real World was from New York… The possibility that she’d fall in love the Eric Nies, the house’s model, seemed like a perfect match.

Their romance was just a fling, but we all wanted to see it happen.

They even got married…but then they got divorced in 2010.

Wes and Johanna (Austin) Wes and Johanna were a couple that no one expected to work, and their roommate in Austin were surprised that they fell for each other.

Now: After her romance with the MD fizzled, Kel wed actor Scott Wolf in 2004.

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