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You'll be able to access any and all promo material you need to make it easy and turnkey - if you need ANYTHING, go ahead and ask... And, many of my offers are available in both R18 AND PG-13 formats, allowing you to promote effectively and responsibly to your leads.

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It exposes his best tactics for dates, which have gotten him laid numerous times.

Planning the Perfect Date is one more brilliant ebook from Brad P.

"Most offers we run at Altare have a very short shelf life.

The majority don't work at all - and even a lot that make the initial cut tend to burn out pretty quick.

Any product I release is tried and tested with real guys in real life situations to make sure they WORK!

And your customers will LOVE what you promote to them...Plus, Brad's marketing and affiliate team are super professional.We get paid on time, they get us what we need when we ask, and they answer any questions in a timely fashion. Go to an area where there will be plenty of people around. Rate each one on a scale of 1-10 on how comfortable you felt. Here's a few excerpts from my online journal during the time I was developing this system. one of the new wave of PUAs is the innovator of The Shocker, both as a method and as a book. This book is about opening, specifically the technique and concept on opening Brad P. This ebook is the best ebook on dating strategies whether you are going on a first date and want to do yours best, or your dating several women, but...In the months after the interview, I was able to get quite a few threesomes...

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