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Two Mexican restaurants in downtown Bradenton planned to be up and running by now. W., intended to open at the beginning of this year. What causes the seemingly inevitable delays in opening a new restaurant?Pablo Larin, owner of Senor Fajitas at 316 12th St. Pat Moreo, a University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee professor and the dean at the College of Hospitality and Tourism Leadership, said for independent restaurateurs, or those not connected to a franchise operation, it’s often a combination of several factors.

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State officials approved the layout of the restaurant, Bennett said.

“It’s just a matter of getting them out there to inspect and then getting the liquor license,” he said.

“Restaurants take an extraordinary amount more resources than other businesses, especially with water and sewer,” Mattison said.

“It’s a business like any other business, but add perishable product and add a business that can be finicky and difficult to manage.” As much as restaurateurs may underestimate and fail to think about potential unforeseen obstacles, USFSM College of Hospitality and Tourism Leadership Culinary Services manager Garry Colpitts has this advice: Don’t rush into it, and don’t open if you’re not ready.

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“It depends on how much you’re willing to pay the contractor,” Moreo said.

“If you say come when you can and charge me less, or you pay more for having it done by a certain date.” Paul Mattison, a local chef and restaurateur who began his culinary career at age 15, has opened his share of restaurants.

“The first one is maybe the land hasn’t been completely secured,” Moreo said. Maybe they thought they had enough but they’re not quite there yet. There’s city permissions, the health department and city codes.

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