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WE ARE THE PEOPLE who are always looking for the growth and development and for the betterment of our society, there is a very good chance of people using their money somewhere in a useful thing there is, if they save their money on facebook or whatsapp.These things are as necessary as any other thing you might think of and so this is a good move if this happens to be free of cost and apparently people should learn to use the internet in a proper way, if they do not know how to use it, we cannot hold back our development steps because of few people those are not fit enough for today's world.So we should measure a manager on the basis of his or her frnds, according to my point of view men is better manager..

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Atlast I conclude that all the apps should be free so that people can use all the apps.

Net Neutrality is what today most of the telecommunications company is trying to cheat there users they think people pay for different different apps like Whats App, Facebook etc so they can earn more profits.

women are not better manager as u alredy know that if u gather 2 or 3 women they will start guys...according to my point of view women is better manager.nowadays most of them manages not only house but offices or their work place ,even better then men.can handle every situation with patience which is important in management in every field.most of men are short tempered which can make them to take wrong step.friends..

i would like to share my point of view on this topic that bot men and women share equal responsibilities in their life hence both are best managers.

Its not about that a manager is a man or woman ,its about his or her leadership skills.

A person with good management skills is a better manager.Nothing in this world is 100% effective everything has some of it's pros and cons.As from the internet it is not a bad thing it's a sign that we are developing same is in the case of social networking sites like whatsapp , facebook etc .That's it, there isn't any wrong in letting them to be free and so my opinion differs from the neutrality, in the question.Net Neutrality is principle that all the data on net should be treated equally without discriminating on basis of site, application, content, user, platform, etc.Without women nothing men and without men nothing women.. Managing come from experience nd experience come from bad experience..

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