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The enterprise value is a hypothetical money value assigned to a firm, designed to take into consideration all claims on assets from all possible claimants.It is often considered a more detailed and realistic version of market capitalization when pricing a possible acquisition, but it has its detractors as well.

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Often, however, the minority interest is not a public company and does not have to face public reporting standards.

It would be too difficult to find the specific financial separation, so this method of forming enterprise value is the most efficient proxy.

A key concern of investors is that they cannot be sure what part of the reported cash position is owned by a 100% subsidiary and what part is owned by a 51% subsidiary.

Minority interest is an integral part of the enterprise value of a company. Under the International Financial Reporting Standards, the non-controlling interest is reported in accordance with IFRS 5 and is shown at the very bottom of the Equity section on the consolidated balance sheet and subsequently on the statement of changes in equity.

FASB FAS 160 and FAS 141r significantly alter the way a parent company accounts for non-controlling interest (NCI) in a subsidiary.

It is no longer acceptable to report minority interest in the mezzanine section of the balance sheet.It is, however, possible (such as through special voting rights) for a controlling interest requiring consolidation to be achieved without exceeding 50% ownership, depending on the accounting standards being employed.Minority interest belongs to other investors and is reported on the consolidated balance sheet of the owning company to reflect the claim on assets belonging to other, non-controlling shareholders.When investors want to calculate the enterprise multiple or similar fundamental ratios, minority interests need to be added to enterprise value there as well.Hypothetically, it could be possible to subtract the portion of earnings or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) owed to the minority interest from the parent company before performing some of the calculations.This changes the formula for calculating enterprise value for Company Red.

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