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The good news is that all of your primary track information should actually be stored in your media files themselves, and i Tunes will pick this up when you reimport those files into a new library.The only information that will not come across when importing tracks into a new library is i Tunes-specific data such as ratings, last played dates, play counts and your individual playlists.Once this has been done, you will be left with a single, master i Tunes library containing all of your content which will be stored on the networked hard drive.

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I would like to have everything in a central location be it the networked hard drive or the Mac Mini, although my preference is the networked hard drive.

Ideally, your primary goal should be to consolidate all of your music into a single i Tunes library, with the music stored in a single location.

Due to the large size of most i Tunes libraries, consolidating them isn't as simple as burning a CD and loading it on the new computer.

Luckily, there are a number of methods--some free, some with small costs--that can make this process easier.

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We reserve the right to edit questions for grammar, spelling, and length. I am completely overwhelmed by my music collection as it is stored in way too many places.

Note that it is also possible to accomplish this using i Tunes Home Sharing, provided that all of the content that you want to consolidate is already stored in i Tunes on the other computers.

If you have extra files lying around that haven’t been imported into an i Tunes library, however, you’ll need to import them into i Tunes directly from the file system in the traditional manner.

To consolidate libraries, turn on Home Sharing on all the computers you want to merge and then drag and drop the files to the computer that will store the merged library.

You'll find the shared computers in the left-hand column of i Tunes.

In fact, as it becomes more common to stream music and videos to connected devices throughout the house, more homes may have just one PC.

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