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There is an upcoming spinoff, featuring an all-female cast: The films are an exercise in cool, with the focus on Gentleman Thief characters wearing fashionable suits in exotic locations exchanging witticisms over jazzy music.

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On Monday, Wilkerson saw the man pull into his driveway and went with his mom to confront him.

Wilkerson told police that he brought his mom’s handgun with him for protection.

A Louisiana teen landed in jail after he reportedly shot at a man who catfished him on social media.

Chauncy Wilkerson, 19, of Baton Rouge, faces charges of illegal use of a weapon and aggravated assault with a firearm, according to news station WBRZ.

The teenager accused of shooting a cop in the face was only free because a judge had given him a slap on the wrist for a weapons charge earlier this year.

Officer Kayla Maher and her partner were responding to calls about a suspicious vehicle at Marshall Road and Ridge Drive in Yonkers, New York, at 8pm on Monday, when 18-year-old Frank Valencia of New Rochelle reportedly opened fire at the cops.

Maher, the daughter of retired NYPD Officer Susan Barry, is assigned to the Yonkers Police Department's 3rd Precinct.

Family friend Nick Molinini, 55, the owner of John's Pizzeria, says his 'heart dropped' when he learned that Maher had been shot, but he says he knows she'll be back to work.

I'm happy to report that she is in remarkably good spirits.' Keith Olsen, president of the Yonkers Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, described Maher as 'tough as nails and in good spirits.'Valencia, an 18-year-old suspected drug dealer with previous arrests for weapons charges, was reportedly shot during the ten minute shootout and remains in a serious but stable condition, police said.

He'd been arrested back in May, then aged 17, after his father had called 911 saying the boy had a gun.

Surveillance footage from the scene shows her partner braving gunfire to save her, picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder as they fled.'We have an officer shot in face,' an officer told dispatch.

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