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I keep trying to draw some significance out of the fact that the two episodes from the first season of "Ally Mc Beal" are shown in reverse order of how they originally aired, but all I can come up with is that the better known episode (where Ally dances with the infamous dancing baby) goes first. Kelley, deal with Ally's decision to take some chances on some Mr. Right:"Cro-Magnon" (Episode 12) finds Ally (Calista Flockhart) and Renee (Lisa Nicole Carson) are taking a sculpture class where they discover that Glenn, the male model, is rather "gifted" (they need more clay).

Georgia (Courtney Thorne-Smith) joins the class but it is Ally who actually dates Glenn.

Tracy Clark (Tracey Ullman), who offers the sage opinion that kickboxing Georgia is great therapy: "She's a beautiful, smart woman married to the man you love! " Meanwhile, Ally's client du jour is the handsome Dr.

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This is not good news for Ally who is defending Dr.

Butters from a lawsuit being brought against her new love interest by Oren Koolie, a nine-year-old genius who is practicing law until he is old enough to go to medical school.

While Ally defends a woman (Brenda Vaccaro) who's been wrongfully expelled from her synagogue, Cage takes on Georgia's ex-boss on a sex-discrimination charge.

During a disastrous dinner date Ally obsesses over salad dressing on her date's chin, and later she simultaneously offends and attracts the young rabbi who ousted her client, leading Ally to trade her pursuit of "Mr. Not-Likelys." As usual, this episode is blessed with Kelley's rapid-fire dialogue, but it's best remembered for the superbly written scenes between Ally and Georgia, who forge a friendship despite their shared history with Billy.

Meanwhile, in court our heroine is defending 19-yeard old Clint, who punched out a guy for insulting the virtue of his date and who's cute little behind has become the object of his lawyer's attentoin.

The title of the episode comes from Ally's declaration that she likes a little Cro-Magnon in her man.

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A prime example of the series' capacity for frank and hilarious sexual content, the episode finally gives Ally a chance to unleash her pent-up sexual energy (courtesy of the model), while the guys in the law firm are left to ponder if "size really matters." By the final scene, Ally (sporting the flannel pajamas that became a modest fashion trend) has come to terms with her imaginary dancing baby, and the episode closes with the two of them dancing happily together... "The Attitude" (first season, episode 7) finds Ally struggling to navigate the stormy seas of romance.

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