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Those rings right there are in the cheaper range too.

Have it lavishly gift-wrapped and double-boxed for good measure.

(Ensure present can fit in your pocket, unnoticed.) 2) Don a deep black cashmere coat and a scarf with this season’s Winter colours.

Illuminations, fashionable restaurants, Christmas cake, KFC, omnipresent Santa Claus avatars, Disneyland and the infamous love hotels.

For many people in Japan, Christmas Day in Japan is Valentine’s Day, take two. For couples and lovers, Christmas Day is the day of the year to spend time together.

That's an exaggeration, but you get the point." Love has traditionally been regarded as disruptive to social harmony and in the past was sometimes more likely to occur between a prostitute and her customer than between husband and wife.

Japanese literature has more stories about love between unmarried couples than married ones.

A smart shirt, tie and pressed trousers wouldn’t go unnoticed either.

3) Take your date to the posh restaurant you pre-booked.

In a study on friendship Japanese ranked their “best friend” as being closer to them than “a lover.” A study of women in Europe, Japan and the Philippines asked them to fill out forms that measured their experiences of passionate love.

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