Dating a codependent

Finally, I found her drinking with new neighbors in their basement.When I burst into tears, my mom found it kind of humorous; she told me I was overreacting and too sensitive. She made light of my fear and ensuing sadness, which taught me it was okay to have these feelings.

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In a panic, I went into the dark and from house to house to see if I could find my mom.

Knocking on the doors of neighbors I didn’t even know.

Similar to a drug addiction, love addiction uses love to release dopamine for pleasure and endorphins to numb pain.

While those can be benefits in a healthy, balanced relationship, the need for something outside of yourself to feel OK and cope with life is a sign that it has crossed the threshold to problematic.

When you and your partner each allow the other to shine brightly in your individuality and mutual respect for one another, you'll find your relationship will enrich and support the person you are rather than take away from it.

As a Twelve-Step recovery coach I’ve found the journals I kept during the years I dated a narcissist (whom I sometimes delightfully refer to as an Asshat) to be an incredibly helpful tool for coaching clients who’re also in love with narcissists/asshats.

The flight attendant trains us to put our own oxygen mask on before we help others with theirs.

It is important to recognize that the other person is not your oxygen mask or your oxygen.

A healthy relationship should enhance the person you are and not take away from it.

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