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A screen-positive result indicates that the value obtained exceeds the established cutoff.

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Fetal AFP diffuses across the placental barrier into the maternal circulation.

A small amount also is transported from the amniotic cavity.

A screen-positive result indicates that the calculated AFP Mo M is or =2.50 Mo M and may indicate an increased risk for open NTDs.

The actual risk depends on the level of AFP and the individual's pre-test risk of having a child with NTD based on family history, geographical location, maternal conditions such as diabetes and epilepsy, and use of folate prior to conception.

Follow up: Upon receiving maternal serum screening results, all information used in the risk calculation should be reviewed for accuracy (ie, weight, diabetic status, gestational dating, etc.).

If any information is incorrect the laboratory should be contacted for a recalculation of the estimated risks.The screen is performed by measuring AFP in maternal serum and comparing this value to the median AFP value in an unaffected population to obtain a multiple of the median (Mo M).The laboratory has established a Mo M cutoff of 2.5 Mo M, which classifies each screen as either screen-positive or screen-negative.Risks for these syndrome disorders are only provided with the use of multiple marker screening (QUAD / Quad Screen [Second Trimester] Maternal, Serum).Measurement of maternal serum AFP values is a standard tool used in obstetrical care to identify pregnancies that may have an increased risk for NTD.The screen results are dependent on accurate information for gestation, race, insulin dependent diabetes, and weight.

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