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Fink Oppenheimer recommends wearing yoga clothes that are fun, colorful, and stand out in a sea of black-and-white basics.

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But just how soon you share in Savasana—and how you even propose the idea—can be tricky.

Sometimes its better to hold off on yoga on your first date, but that doesnt mean you have to wait for things to get super-serious before you hit the mat.

After all, attending your first yoga class can be nerve-racking enough, and even more so in a date setting, says Fink Oppenheimer.

Setting the tone with the right venue As on any date, the venue establishes the tone.

If you want to take class at a yoga studio, opt for one that is not overtly spiritual.

Pre-class Sanskrit chanting could make your date uncomfortable if he isnt used to it.

So how do you prevent a gurgle or burble from erupting mid-twist?

Avoid eating anything for about two hours prior to the yoga class.

Beware of bodily noises Passing gas can be downright mortifying when you are next to a date, especially when youre in the “Who me?

I dont have bodily functions” phase of your relationship.

You might spend time on Citysearch looking for the perfect restaurant or wine bar, and, similarly, youll want to give some thought to where youll take your yoga class.

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