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You worry that you need to sweep a woman off her feet, and that you aren’t aggressive enough.

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You wear your best clothes, make sure that your grooming is immaculate and then…you start the process of keeping secrets. We have suggested spending more time apart and sorting out the reasons for the anxiety(ie i guess similar to the “message of the anxiety” you speak about), and belive that we need to be more independant and be happy with ourselves as individuals…

You hide who you really are, in an attempt to gain approval and be “chosen” by the other person. I am finding it very hard when apart, re the trust issues form past occurences.

The conversation you have isn’t otherwise all that different than what you might have with a female friend.

There isn’t anything special you have to do, and to the extent that you try to be someone you aren’t you’ll likely turn women off because you won’t be at ease.

How do we support eachother without aggitating the feelings?

We communicate very well and talk it through, what techniques can help the anxiety become less frequent and diminish?

” again and again the next time you are in a dating situation and see if it doesn’t help.

You need to develop your own perspective – what you want – and avoid allowing the perspective of other people to colonize your head.

There are also women who will look upon your virgin status with delight because they will feel honored to initiate you. Learning what exactly you are afraid of when you say this seems important to me. Are you afraid of being physically touched, or having someone invade your personal space? I think this is worth talking about with a therapist, actually, because if you can’t figure it out, you won’t have the motivation to make changes.

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