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The average incomes of people in the twenties are still more than 5 per cent below where they were ten years earlier. And to the extent that cuts suck demand out of the economy today, when there is scope for higher, non-inflationary, growth, they simply make the bill bigger.

Claims that a fiscal crisis is just around the corner, by their nature, can never be comprehensively proved wrong.

Yet what we can say there is zero evidence from the behaviour of financial markets from recent years to support this alarmism in relation to the UK.

Two months later, Women of Hizb ut-Tahrir released a video saying husband could hit their wives with a small stick.

Where Islamic polygamy is allowed, women are not allowed multiple husbands.

Greece’s debt to GDP ratio is higher than it was in 2010.

Under Macpherson’s bizarre definition, even Greece – where the state wage bill has been cut by a third and which the IMF calculates has undergone a structural fiscal adjustment of 16 per cent of GDP – never experienced austerity. ” argument cites the fact that total UK public spending in both cash and even inflation-adjusted terms is higher than it was in 2010.“We need austerity to restore our fiscal strength in case of a future shock” This was the justification given by George Osborne when he ratcheted up austerity in 2015 with a plan to run perpetual budget surpluses.The argument was that the UK’s level of debt to GDP needed to be brought down as soon as possible so that if we were hit by a new financial crisis or a recession borrowing would not spike even higher than the roughly 90 per cent of GDP it is today.And indeed, the massive spending cuts imposed by the rest of the eurozone and the IMF on Greece, as the price of its bailout, made the country’s budget crisis worse, not better.Today there is no sign whatsoever, even with the self-inflicted economic wound of Brexit, that investors are wary about holding UK government bonds.“It’s unfair to saddle the next generation with debt” We heard this familiar canard from Philip Hammond in a speech to the CBI where he claimed “borrowing to fund consumption is merely passing the bill to the next generation”.

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