Dating chat rooms for adhds

And by 'success in recovery' I do not mean sobriety - for I believe that many who need therapy CAN be successful in long term sobriety...

but I do not consider long term sobriety 'success in recovery'.

), I believe it just must be G-d's Will that we addicts often need more than just an honest relationship with Him to really make it in life - and that is what the chza"l mean when they say "o chavrusa, o misusa"...being true friends with G-d is NOT enough.

Yes, many people have different issues that served as catalysts along the way to getting them into addiction. Confronting that catalyst is often their individual doorway to open up into the room of real recovery work - the kind that leads them to the uncomfortable, undignified work we addicts find true relief in." ________________ C.

S responds to Dov's response: I take issue with Dov’s post, though.

I don't fully get how it works, but apparently there's a documented link between ADHD and porn addiction (also other immoral behaviors). Benzion Sorotzkin that mentions this." ________________ Dov responds regarding the woman above: "I doubt there is any real 'root' to this 'problem'.

You see, the problem is not really a problem, it is a solution.

Sadly, many religious people find this belief repulsive and insist that 12 steps (G-d) alone is enough for everything...well, as the man here says, we see this is just not true.

As a religious person in recovery (I hope 'successful'!

To an outsider I would seem like I have everything going for me: I come from a beautiful family; I am smart, pretty, fun, wealthy, thin, popular... I was put on medication for impulsivity, but it didn't help much.

I've been addicted to the Internet in its worst most immoral form, and I have had some unhealthy relationships.

I didn't see GYE mentioning this as a possible cause.

I was flabbergasted by the diagnosis, as I didn't think my husband was hyperactive or impulsive.

And unless there’s some understanding of the person’s psychological makeup, behavior modification strategies are not going to work long-term.

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