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But this all changed with the passing of the Marine Offences Act, the law introduced to outlaw the offshore stations. As a result, not much is known about some of the DJs who worked on Radio Caroline after 14th August 1967. All that was revealed at the time was that he was a 25 year old New Zealander who had previously attended broadcasting school in San Francisco.

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We had no details at all of his later career until September 2005 when we heard from the man himself: “Greetings from New Zealand.

A friend's relations from England were visiting nearby and after explaining my involvement with Radio Caroline and Glastonbury Festival, they sent some info they had found on website.

(With thanks to Mike, Norman Redfern and Hans Knot for their help.

This photo issued by The Caroline Club.) was born in Bury, Lancashire, on 7th August 1940.

I left Holland for England 18th January (dates are all on my old passport), thence to Courcheval France to teach skiing, then to Berlin as a DJ, back to England and back to USA working on KBRG and KMPX in San Francisco, also another stint of skiing at Squaw Valley.

Returned to England 5th August 1970 and reunited with my friend Andrew Kerr.

He had a feature in this programme called The Two Ton Yellow Mustard Seed during which he played some of the psychedelic tracks then being released in Britain and the USA.

(The feature's name was taken from a radio show he had heard in San Francisco called The Ever Changing Transcendental Multilingual Two-Ton Mustard Seed.) Glenn saw in the New Year with Caroline but left early in 1968.

This was a huge success but closed abruptly when the floor collapsed. He applied for a job with Radio Caroline, then operating from two boats at either end of the country.

He was invited for an audition and, soon afterwards, joined the North ship off the Isle Of Man.

For pictures of Mike on Radio Caroline, see Tom Lodge's photo album.

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