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“The day I really want a relationship, I move away from Berlin.” outnumbering men by 7900.

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He describes his current love life as a series of “confusing affairs”.

Wrong time, wrong place Male or female, it might all come down to the fact that there’s no better place to live a comfortable and unencumbered single life well into your forties than Berlin. ” In addition, cheaper rents make the lone-wolf lifestyle infinitely easier in Berlin than in other European capitals.

They’re here to stretch their wings, not to start nesting.

Silvia acknowledges: “I know I get attracted to the wrong guys” – but then, as an expat and a Neuköllner, it’s hard for her to meet anyone else. They’re attractive, but in the long run, they’re not sustainable.” She says she had to drop out of a two-year relationship that got her frustrated time and time again.

And meeting your parents is just too much of a drag. ” Silke, a tall, beautiful 38-year-old Berliner architect, says she decided to leave her infatuation for creative types behind. “For most of them, a relationship is too much work.

“You know, the cool guys, charming but no real job, no ambition really. Many men prefer to just rub one out before they go out, to take off the edge so they don’t do anything stupid like fall in love.” “It’s like a candy store, or better – a buffet,” says Alice, 36, a cheeky, smiling freelancer from Scotland who, although she says she could write volumes on her decade-long experience of dating in Berlin, still sleeps alone in her king-sized bed.

Maybe I have to change and accept it won’t happen and enjoy my life as it is with my friends...

and sporadic relationships,” she adds, somehow unconvincingly. “Of course deep down, I wouldn’t say no to true love! Dot would tell her she’s looking for love in the wrong places: “Ask, listen and learn.

“They might love you in their own way, but their notion of commitment is really fuzzy...

It might involve going for a three-month trip to South America – and you’re not invited.

If that person isn’t available when you are, move on.

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