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This style of tuner lasts into early 1943 (FON 2221 last documented series with this tuner style). (Late 1942 FON would be 2119, with FON 2143 being the last documented series with mahogany neck block.) Some FONs for 1942 include 7116-7119, 7434, 7705, 7721, 907, 910, 923, 928, 2004-2006, 2059, 2098, 2110, 2119.

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On June 1, 1942, the first batch of blond J-50 (J-45n) models was shipped to Myers Music (Ohio.) And then that was it, no more, until after the war, making a banner logo J-50 (J-45N) a very rare guitar.

Starting in August 1942 the J-45 (sunburst) is shipped, and is shipped through the war years, unlike the J-50. This makes the Gibson J-45 one of the best and most popular flattop Gibsons to ever be produced.

The J45 guitar is probably Gibson's most popular acoustic guitar ever made. Also, since the Gibson J-45 guitar was in production for so long, J-45s are easier to find than most any other Gibson flattop model (lucky for us!

At the time, they were not an expensive or fancy guitar. ) If I was stranded on a desert island with $45 dollars to my name (the price when introduced) and could have only one Gibson flattop, a 1940s or 1950s J-45 would be it!

a tortoise-shell teardrop pickguard which replaced the firestripe material, single bound top and back, multi-bound rosette, Adirondack 2-piece spruce top, early examples have a Mahogany neck but a Maple neck with a single mahogany stripe down the center (3 piece neck) is more common.

Three layer w/b/w top and single layer back binding.

These are usually lighter built than the 7xxx H FON examples, and sound warmer but not as powerful, with beautiful harmonics.

The neck material and neck reinforcement also has an impact as well.

First FON (factory order number) of J45s in 1942 was 907 (and 923).

Bracing for FON 7xxx H and some 9xx FONs was basically the same as the third J-35 issue of two nonscalloped tonebars.

By the late 1950s and 1960s the J-45 went through some changes, unfortunately none of them good.

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