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As a woman who has ‘tested’ men, and as a wing girl who has received tons of emails about this subject; I wanted to tell you guys the truth about one of the most common dating problems: TESTS. First of all let’s define what a ‘test’ even is: a test is where a woman challenges or questions a man on his behavior.

She may give you a snappy comment questioning whether you’re a player; or she may ask you to do something to ‘prove’ yourself to her.

But I guarantee if you knew them, it would put you in the top 1% of men that have their choice of women they want.

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Instead, it’s usually a way for her to express her feelings of vulnerability about herself and potential attraction towards you.

A woman will unconsciously use a ‘shit test’ as a way of seeing if you’re a man who can handle her ‘shit’ when she can’t take it anymore.

It stems from a subconscious desire to have that strong, masculine presence in her life: someone that will stand by her, accept her and keep her steady when the going gets tough.

Rather than being a nasty surprise exam designed to catch you out: it’s a moment where a woman is showing her weakness, her vulnerabilities and insecurities.

Many of the tests that they use with men are actually OUTSIDE OF THEIR AWARENESS. There's a good chance that you won't get another chance. and these cues also trigger ATTRACTION (or the opposite).

It lets them discover very rapidly whether you have BALLS, or if you're just another one of the bazillion Wusses that are trying to get her attention. So next time you're standing in front of a beautiful woman who you've just asked for her number, and she says "Why don't you just give me yours and I'll call YOU..." try CHUCKLING out loud, and saying: "Cummon. Write your number down, and I'll only call you 25 times a day until you wind up having to change it, because I have nothing better to do with my time than call someone who doesn't want to hear from me." Then hand her a pen, point to the paper, and look her in the eye expectantly. Now, obviously there's a lot more to this issue of TESTING. There are all kinds of subtle cues and body language that women read to decide just what kind of man you are...Now that doesn’t mean that you simply have to ‘man up’ and accept poor behavior on the part of women.You can be our rock, and still allow a woman to take care of you in return to.We don’t mean to put great guys through the ringer, (and I get that sometimes this is what it feels like) but we’re just trying to protect ourselves.Women don’t want to meet a guy who is a player, and that will let them down; or a guy who is ‘weak’, in that he doesn’t have that strong, masculine presence we crave to help us feel loved and secure.Really it’s all about her state of mind: and not your behavior.

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