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And at the time of the marriage, neither party was very serious about his or her faith.

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Probably the most common interfaith dating situation I have received emails about is a Christian dating a Mormon.

The biggest difficulty I run into in addressing this issue is neither party in the relationship seems to realize there is a big difference between the two.

I not sure how things worked out, but it was a sad situation.

But if the couple doesn't end up divorced, another area of conflict would be the children.

So he proceeds to try to "convert" the non-Mormon wife.

But when she is not willing to do so, a divorce inevitably results.

And as long as both parties in a dating relationship are ignorant of these facts, they can get along just fine.

But where the problem in a relationship starts is when one or the other becomes aware of these doctrines.

One such case I remember was a lady who had married a Mormon years before, and things went along just fine for several years.

But a couple of children later, the man became serious about his faith.

I could post many more, but some contain too personal of information for public posting.

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