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But these cases got me thinking differently, since women like Francesca and Grace aren't doing anything obviously wrong.

This raised the question: are there insidious behaviors out there that appear perfectly innocuous while creating barriers to love over time?

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Like the way just a daily can of Coke over a year can add up to gaining 14 pounds?

From dozens of friends observed at close range, hundreds of conversations with professional women, and thousands of letters received from my readers, I've extracted three overarching reasons for self-imposed involuntary singlehood (SIS).

And yet, when it comes to love, it seems as if most of us Westerners (male or female) are content to leave it to chance: "Oh, it'll just happen someday." Perhaps it's that kind of thinking that has left us with the 50-percent divorce rate in the U. -- which is actually closer to 67 percent if we count all the couples separated or stuck in chronically unhappy marriages, as Ty Tashiro points out in his recently released . Second, in a world crazed with masculine power, some women underutilize their native feminine power.

Study after study shows that the prime determinant of our long-term happiness and health is the strength of our intimate relationships. The same way you hit all your other goals in life: set aside time for it, think up a strategy, and execute. Tibetan Buddhism says that the feminine is the source of all power.

Not only are they super-smart, ultra-stylish, crazy sweet and supremely capable thirtysomethings, but they are also serious babes. " Well, by all the laws of physics, trigonometry and common sense, these fabulous ladies should have equally fabulous companions.

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