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On some watches (Speedmaster Pro), an individual number, also known as 'serial number' is written on it.

Study the movement very carefully, also when you don't have much knowledge on it. Always ask for the original accessoires like the original watchbox, straps with original clasp or stainless steel bracelet.

At this authorized dealer, it is hard to get a better price than the price in the catalogue.

Omega Wristwatch Reference Number Decoder Most Omega wristwatches have a 7-digit reference number, some have a two letter metal/material code before the 7 digits to identify metal/material of the watch. XXXX - The first 2 letters identify metal/material.

The first 3 digits identify the characteristics of the watch.

The prices in those catalogues don't reflect the real prices in general, but should give you an idea. Just fill in the brand of the watch you want as a keyword and you will probably get a list of watches and prices. If the serialnumber is scratched away or is missing, be very carefull or don't even buy the watch. Try to get a picture of the original watch in catalogues, magazines or old watchbrochures.

It can be a fake, stolen or a home-assembled-watch. If you are planning to buy an Omega Speedmaster (Professional), take a look at the pictures in the "Changes through the years" page for details.4.

Good dealers will give you guarantee on vintage/used watches for a specified period and offer repairservice for the watch bought by them.

For intance, I got 1 year full guarantee (not on the glass and leather strap ofcourse) on my 32 year old Speedmaster Professional. If they sell online, that doesn't mean that they can not give any service on a watch!Before you go out and buy a watch, try to get some literature regarding the watch you are planning to buy. It is about 35 USD and almost available at every online bookstore.For Omega watches, there are plenty of books, magazines and since a few years, the world wide web! For new watches, the Armband Uhren Katalog 2000 (German)/Wrist Watch Annual 2000 (English) is a very nice source.An extremely common question is someone wanting to know specifics about a watch they have or have seen.Often, the person will try to identify what they have by describing what it looks like.The last 4 digits (XXXX) refer to the case, dial and bracelet type.

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