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But how would the Irish feel if the UK had applied its 'double standards' the other way? pressing to bail out Greece but refusing its geographic and cultural close neighbour Ireland? It would be like Greece letting Cyprus go to the wolves. It feels 'odd' being English nowadays; we share our islands with peoples who we 'like' and regard as 'kin', and yet they seem to despise us in return.

I'm not sure about the 'British Empire Memory' bit. Often makes me wonder if we should have taken England out of the UK instead :-) 86.1 (talk) , 23 November 2010 (UTC) Sorry, but we cannot answer, unless we know whether you are either a Scotsman talking about his own country, or somebody else throwing mud at the Scots.

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The point is not who died in World War II (which had Greek resistance (e.g. The point is that if you are about to go "Economic Analysis" you can't say one day "Greece has to default and not accept the loan because it's pegged to the euro and can't devaluate and blah blah" bs which basically shows how much they hate European Union in general because they are still hanging on the British Empire memory, and at the next say "Ireland has to be supported because it's a close partner" because that's equivalent to saying "I'm a hypocrite, I lied with that "Analysis" and it did work to get the package, so I want the collapse of others by not letting them accept the package but not Ireland who is affecting me and has to accept the package".

--.35 (talk) , 23 November 2010 (UTC) Fair point, I suppose.

We lvoe each other very much and I want to keep dating him as long as our love will let me! So at least you have something to work towards, and look forward to. I think I spent a big chunk on my allowances on phone cards when I was studying in UK.

I know that he loves me and was thinking of moving to the states to live with me, but his mom is being her usual self! He lives in England and I live in the United States!

I love him so much and I will never ever leave him so should I not care about the distance or should I do something about it?! Especially when you walk on the streets, seeing all the couples cuddling up, especially during special days like Valentine’s Day, and you wonder if it’s all worth it…

LDR is even tougher when you live in different time zones. I don't know about England, but here, you take care of your own first.Ireland aren't 'our own' .63 (talk) , 26 November 2010 (UTC) Ireland is not in economic depression as unemployment is not at 15%.It's in a severe economic recession though --Kevinharte (talk) , 7 December 2009 (UTC) See Economic depression; one definition of depression is 10% reduction in GDP,so by that token it was a depression.John a s (talk) , 28 August 2012 (UTC) Isn't the figure of 5,000 missing a word or two?We lvoe each other very much and I want to keep dating him as long as our love will let me! Know exactly when is the next time you will be meeting up.

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