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We saw your boobs, but that’s not even what we find attractive, so you exerted no power in doing so—all you did was humiliate yourself? It could be that Mac Farlane just thought it would be funny for him to say the word “gay” as often as possible.

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Dating rhianna who

I also had my own personal training business for years before I moved to Los Angeles. one of my all time faves is Alias Have any Pets = Yes, my pug Zoe’ and 2 kitties.. his name is Kendall and my handsome black and white guy Monkey Favorite Drink = A protein shake lol …

I now run my own website, do all of my own editing of my photos and am photographer as well as a published fitness model. I do play a lot of Rhianna during my workouts 😉 Favorite Car = Dream car would be an Aston Martin Favorite Sport = Not to watch but to play would be baseball Favorite Celebrity = Angelina Jolie Best T. if you are taking me out for cocktails I would say Effin Vodka Black Cherry on the rocks with a fresh lime wedge Favorite Movie = 5th Element, Superman and Star Wars ..

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Watching the Oscars last night meant sitting through a series of crudely sexist antics led by a scrubby, self-satisfied Seth Mac Farlane. But the evening’s misogyny involved a specific hostility to women in the workplace, which raises broader questions than whether the Academy can possibly get Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to host next year.

(It was hard to tell watching at home, unless you were keeping track of what each woman was wearing, that these weren’t live shots.) It just seemed like a way for Mac Farlane to make fun of viewers for being prudish and not “getting it.” (See, the cool girls think that it’s funny! It just means that there’s a whole army of producers to blame.

Also, future Uhura should have a word with future Kirk.

For the last few weeks now I have been very fortunate to have a chance to become friends with the beautiful fitness model Samantha Kelly.

This gorgeous big boob girl has worked extremely hard at having a muscular body while still being glamorous and I would say she has been very successful in her goals, just look at the results!

It was unattractive and sour, and started with a number called “We Saw Your Boobs.”“We Saw Your Boobs” was a song-and-dance routine in which Mac Farlane and some grinning guys named actresses in the audience and the movies in which their breasts were visible. What made it worse was that most of the movies mentioned, if not all (“Gia”), were pretty great—“Silkwood,” “Brokeback Mountain,” “Monster’s Ball,” “Monster,” “The Accused,” “Iris”—and not exactly teen-exploitation pictures.

The women were not showing their bodies to amuse Seth Mac Farlane but, rather, to do their jobs. You girls think you’re making art, the Academy, through Mac Farlane, seemed to say, but all we—and the “we” was resolutely male—really see is that we got you to undress. At a moment when Sheryl Sandberg, the Facebook chief operating officer, talks about how women have to “lean in” in the workplace, Seth Mac Farlane pops up from behind to say, “So we can see your boobs.”The song was part of a larger skit whose premise was that William Shatner, as Captain Kirk, sends Mac Farlane a message from the future about the dumb things he might do while hosting the Oscars. Getting Charlize Theron and Naomi Watts to pre-record looks of mortification didn’t help, either.

Samantha: No, I was a fitness model with tiny titties and a bubble booty!

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