Dating rola celestion speakers

), all while their old 4 x 12 cabinet sits around waiting. " and you may well hear a reply of, "Oh just whatever Celestions I think." Those that are more educated may be able to tell you which particular Celestion speaker model is in their cabinet, but may not fully understand the crucial significance of tone that one model can have over another.

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We’ll primarily focus on the 25 watt version as it’s the most common and plentiful.

The earliest models were nicknamed "greenbacks" because of their green plastic magnet cover.

This will be a general guide because even within each speaker type listed, there are various changes that have been made throughout its life.

For example, a late ‘60s Celestion 25 watt G12M will sound different from one made in 1979 because the ingredients used in the creation of the speaker changed over time.

When pushed at volume, the G12H stands strong and will not compress like a G12H.

So in the case of a comparison when played through it using guitar, a G12M will feel like it has "more bass" at volume which is actually compression, while a G12H will feel more solid and with more accurate bass response.

Throughout the1970’s, the color of the magnet cover was changed (beige, black, etc.), but the basic ingredients, other than a few variances in the cone, largely remained the same, until the late ‘70s, circa ’78-’79, when new materials in the cone diaphragm were explored.

The tone of the G12M is the foundation for much of the greatest rock and blues music ever recorded. And what does one sound like "in real life" away from the world of recording studios that can alter, shape and compress the sound through the mixing board, e.q., and other processors?

And this is an area that is all too often neglected.

Guitarists can obsess about a number of modifications that they need to do to their amps or guitars (I’m certainly guilty here!

The tone of the G12H, when compared with all of the others in this listing of major Celestion speaker types, is the most neutral in terms of both tone color and response.

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