Dating scotch bottle

This method isn’t foolproof, as some oxidation will have already begun, but you can definitely extend the whisky’s life this way.

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I save the air spray for open bottles that I know are going to remain untouched for awhile.

Even if you’re plowing through your open bottles in a few weeks, this knowledge does have practical application.

After that, oxygen begins to work its destructive magic and effectively rusts your whisky.

Okay, it’s not rust, but it’s the same basic principal: oxygen readily binds with lots of chemical compounds – a process called oxidation – turning them into other compounds.

An alternative, if you must be miserly, is to funnel that remaining whisky into smaller glass bottles with good seals (I like the 2- or 4-oz brown glass bottles here. Then, reply immediately to your Order Confirmation Email with ‘CHANGE ORDER’ in the body of the message.

Specify that you would like Polyseal Caps (and how many), and they will subtract the cost of the standard caps, add the Polyseals, and adjust the total).Unlike wine, whisky won’t be affected by constant freezing temperatures, vibrations, or the occasional round of show-and-tell for your jealous friends.How to Store Opened Bottles An opened bottle of whisky (stored away from light) with more than two-thirds of its contents remaining can be expected to remain unchanged for about one year.Not only do open bottles of wine deteriorate faster than potato salad at a summer barbeque, wine collectors also have to fret and worry and wring their hands over the sealed ones, because wine continues to age in the bottle.That means every bottle of wine has an implied “drink by” date.True whisky collecting requires a lot of research and a good sense of what modern releases will be rare and sought-after in the future.

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