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Clearly, Fawad Khan, Zayn Malik and Imran Khan have single-handedly saved Pakistan’s fairly-tarnished face.To Pakistanis everywhere, I say: Yes, we live in bad times, but isn’t it times like these in which a nation and its people need fortifying the most? The list below is my personal opinion and therefore just a soliloquy.Pakistani women are very beautiful and the complete package of intelligent, ambitious mind, attractive features and exceptional looks.

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Dubbed a Jesus-lookalike, Jafri, in all his bearded glory, definitely leaves us all just a little more spiritual at every new sighting.

And with the whirlwind fashion week behind us, we wait with bated breath for Jafri to start his inevitable television career.

Ahsan Khan has been acting for almost 20 years, and in this time I have aged more harshly than he has.

Pakistan is the most beautiful country in the world, no doubt.

Exuding a very early 1900s, Gatsby-esque, old moneyed charm, my public service announcement for today is that Mikaal Zulfiqar should never wear anything but a pinstripe suit in public.

Although he claims to be more interested in being a good actor and not a sex symbol, I’m just going to go ahead and dub him a sex symbol anyway.

When one of his loose strands casually escaped the hold of his hair product and fell gracefully on his forehead, girls everywhere lost it.

Zayn’s loose strand currently has a Twitter account.

He’s simply on it when it comes to life: in matters of style (recently voted Most Stylish across the border), in matters of principle (faithful to his wife of forever, always at the forefront of worthy causes), and a voice of a husky angel that matches his chiseled face.

While many of Pakistan’s notable men will be relegated to a footnote in history books, Ali Zafar will have a chapter. Ex-cricketer Abbas Jafri is currently Pakistan’s top model, ruling all of Pakistan’s runways and hearts simultaneously.

Should he ever ask – and I think I speak on behalf of women everywhere – we would gladly accept his offer to ...

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