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Dr Thomas said of Brady's final moments: 'He was unresponsive at times, laboured in his breathing and agitated.

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Consultant psychiatrist Dr Noir Thomas said Brady was a paedophile and suffered from other sexually deviant conditions, including sexual sadism.

He said Brady was a paranoid schizophrenic, whose mental state was marked by hallucinations, delusions and disorganised thought and speech.‘There are accounts of disturbed and bizarre behaviour relating to psychosis, to include assaults against peers,’ Dr Thomas said.

Brady's will reportedly contained the stipulation that two briefcases containing his legal and personal papers were to be collected immediately after his death.

His body was kept under police guard until it was released to Mr Makin, on May 18.

Brady’s body was kept at a secret location under armed police guard immediately after his death in an attempt to protect it from ghouls and trophy hunters.

It was released by coroner Christopher Sumner to Brady’s solicitor, Robin Makin, three days later – but only after the coroner received assurances that the ashes would not be scattered on Saddleworth Moor where the killer’s victims were buried.It is hoped the documents could include letters, maps or clues revealing the location of 12-year-old Keith Bennett - the only victim whose remains have never been found.John Ainley, a lawyer who has worked with Keith's brother Alan, today urged Brady's lawyer, Robin Makin, to let them to see the contents of the cases.Today's hearing at Bootle Town Hall in Merseyside was told the 79-year-old had been on end of life care before his death at Ashworth High Secure Hospital on May 15.Brady's belongings are now with his lawyer, Mr Makin, who was not at the hearing today and was unavailable for comment.Disturbing details about Brady’s sick mind were revealed for the first time yesterday.

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