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One can safely assume at least 1/2 and probably a much higher percentage of the vases produced during this time period have been destroyed. Van Briggle Pottery – 1912-1920 Van Briggle pottery vases from the 1912 through 1920 period tend to be of high quality and in relatively high demand by collectors.In particular, dated Van Briggle vases from the mid to late teens have seen measurable increases in value over the last few years. Van Briggle Pottery – 1920s The quality of the art pottery vases produced by Van Briggle still remained relatively high during the 1920s period.All pieces shown here are from my collection, and to the best of my understanding all attributions and dates are accurate.

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This period of production is often called the pre-death period because Artus Van Briggle was alive and personally involved in the production of the pottery.

Another factor contributing to the desirability of Van Briggle pottery from the pre-death period (1901-1904) is that original production numbers were very low and the quality was very high.

The wares usually have modeled relief decorations and a soft, matte glaze. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=van-briggle&lgeo=1&mpre=

The purpose of this Blog is to create a pictorial reference for collectors of Bohemian glass and Van Briggle pottery.

In fact, in over 15 years of active Van Briggle pottery buying and selling I have seen one 1901 vase available for sale.

In a typical year, a collector might see for sale 5 to 10 examples of 1902 Van Briggle vases and 20 to 40 examples each of 19 examples. Van Briggle Pottery – Mid 1904-1912 Van Briggle pottery produced between 19 is also highly collectible because not only was the pottery very high quality but during this time period Anne Van Briggle owned the pottery.

Van Briggle Pottery was started by Artus Van Briggle in Colorado Springs, Colorado, after 1901.

Van Briggle had been a decorator at Rookwood Pottery of Cincinnati, Ohio.

He died in 1990 and his wife, Bertha, and son, Craig, ran the pottery. Craig, who is the chief designer, continues to run the pottery.

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