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20, 1958.) We entered, ordered, and met Frank and Marshall Fey, whose grandfather had invented the Liberty Bell slot machine, that Bell with no “e”, and they had just moved from San Mateo, Cal. We formed a friendship that has lasted for 48 years for you to read on a Saturday, not knowing for sure whether or when we will satiate ourselves at the Belle again.

(That watering hole had become the “Liberty Belle” a month or so earlier, on Nov.

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I’ve got more notes but no space, so I’m probably not done as yet.

I thank Geno Oliver, who spent three decades behind the Liberty Belle’s plank, for passing on this morning’s column hed which was uttered by an anonymous customer last week.

As most maps were produced within monasteries, religious zeal tended to dominate mapping.

One interesting development was the adoption of the principle of having Jerusalem in the centre of a ‘world’ map and the Orient (Asia) at the top of the map.

Indeed, many of the pictorial techniques which were developed very early on are still being used today.

This tablet (circa 600BC), which is in the collection of the British Museum, is an excellent example of Babylonian clay tablet maps.

This contained thousands of references and maps of various parts of the world – with longitude and latitude lines.

This system revolutionised European geographic thinking, by imposing mathematical rules to the composition of maps.

I’ve a fond recollection of a ’52 Chevy full of Reno High hotshots returning from an afternoon of skiing at Sky Tavern. One hundred years minus 30 days ago, the city of San Francisco was ravaged by an earthquake and fire – from that maelstrom to Reno came the heavy bronze doors from Market Street’s Palace Hotel.

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