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Leslie Alcock is one of the few to have looked at the archaeological evidence in detail, coming to the conclusion that ‘The settlements show very little sign of the transplantation of material culture to Dalriadic Scotland or to Dyfed’ (Alcock 1970, 65).

This lack of archaeological evidence has led some younger archaeologists to adopt a more cautious approach, suggesting that perhaps there was an elite takeover of the local ruling dynasty, rather than a mass migration of peoples, and that contact may have taken place over a longer timescale than the conventional view (Foster 1996, 13-14).

However, since Alcock produced his 1970 paper there has been substantial progress in understanding early medieval Argyll, giving us the opportunity to re-examine the archaeological evidence. Irish Settlements in South-west Wales, a topographical approach.

The areas of material culture where we might expect to see signs of incomers from a different cultural group are personal jewellery such as brooches and pins, and settlement forms. The characteristic settlement forms in Ireland are circular enclosures with earthen banks (raths) or stone walls (cashels), and artificial island dwellings (crannogs). Journal Royal Society Antiquaries Ireland 90: 133-162.

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The traditional historical account of the origin of the Scottish kingdom states that the Scots founded the early kingdom of Dál Riata in western Scotland, in the early sixth century, having migrated there from north-eastern Antrim, Ireland.

Much later the usage became associated exclusively with the peoples of Scotland, whether speakers of Gaelic or not. Genetics, linguistics, and prehistory: thinking big and thinking straight.

In this paper I will use the term Goidelic for the Irish/Scottish Gaelic branch of Celtic (Q-Celtic), and Brittonic for the British group including Welsh, Pictish and Cumbric (P-Celtic).

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