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Through DNA testing, Mimi discovered that the bones belonged to her dead father. Max soon hired Chelsea's best friend, Abby, to work at the garage, and she developed a crush on Max, and he finally admitted that he had feelings for her, as well.

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The only thing that Max wanted was to know the identity of a girl in a picture that Trent carried around.

Max learned that the girl was Trent's daughter, Melanie, which made her Max's half-sister. Max fought hard to protect his sister, despite her confession to him that she was with Trent at the cemetery the night he was killed.

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Chelsea and Max eventually rekindled their relationship.

When Chelsea needed to move to London to care for her mother, Billie, after a bad car accident, Max moved to London with Chelsea.

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Luckily for them, Shawn and Caroline had large hearts, and soon legally adopted the two boys.

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