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has written a great article citing seven do-able ways to ‘Kick The Plastic Habit.’ In this day and age, it is certainly a challenge to live ‘Plastic Free,’ but going with less IS definitely possible. The Flander’s Family has been plastic conscious for some time now, but my recent research on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has made us doubly aware of the plastic problem we face.

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Acetaminophen is not classed as an NSAID, because there is practically no anti-inflammatory effect.

Ibuprofen gives the least side effects at low doses.

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* Check to find out if anyone in your vehicle is wounded , and if they are , immediately call for medical assistance.

They have replaced traditional plastic sandwich and snack bags with reusable containers and recyclable waxed paper.

Knowing that most plastic bottles end up in oceans and landfills, they have opted to carry water to school in BPA free bottles.

For the past two weeks, my wife has been preparing homemade meals, as well as condiments, like mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.

She has been buying the ingredients in bulk and storing them in re-useable glass containers in the pantry.

Our family is happy to have made the commitment to kick the plastic habit.

We have put our responsibility to Mother Earth ahead of what is ‘easier,’ and the rewards have surpassed the effort.

It has slight anti-coagulating prpoerties, meaning it thins the blood slightly. Aspirin has stronger anti-coagulation prpoerties, but can cause stomach problems.

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