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Bhaisajyaguru), and the colossal image of Senju Kannon (the Thousand-armed Avalokitesvara).Please note that the Kohfukuji Temple National Treasure Hall will be closing for one year beginning on January 1st, 2017, for renovations aimed at improving the building's earthquake resistance. We apologize for any inconvenience this closure causes our visitors, but ask for your understanding as we strive to protect Kohfukuji's priceless artefacts for future generations.

A number of Kohfukuji's most important national treasures, including the dry-lacquer images of the Eight Kinds of Mythological Beings and the Ten Great Disciples, the Kongo Rikishi (Vajra Warriors), and the Gong known as "Kagenkei," will be exhibited in the Temporary Lecture Hall from March 15th through June 18th, and from September 15 through November 19th, 2017. (Kohfukuji National Treasure Hall & Eastern Golden Hall) Adults and University Students \ 800 Junior High and High School Students \ 600 Primary School Students \ 250 (Please note that there are no group discounts for Combination Tickets.) Historically, Kohfukuji Temple featured three "Golden Halls" that were identified according to their location in the temple complex.

Adults and University Students \ 600 (\ 500) Junior High and High School Students \ 500 (\ 400) Primary School Students \ 200 (\ 150) *Prices in ( ) are for groups of 30 or more. As its name implies, the Eastern Golden Hall is located to the east of the Central Golden Hall, and originally faced the Western Golden Hall, which was located directly across from it in the temple compound.

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The current building, a Japanese National Treasure, was consecrated in 1415.

Although this technically makes it a Muromachi-period structure, archaic architectural features, such as the covered porch stretching the full width of the front face of the building, the three-stepped bracketing supporting the roof beams, and the classic hipped (as opposed to pitched) roof, were consciously employed to evoke the aura of the original Nara-period building.Create your free personal profile and get instant access to girls and guys who don't let the loss of a limb keep them from enjoying life and love. Kohfukuji is one of the two head temples of the Hosso ("Characteristics of Phenomena") Sect of Buddhism.By displaying these temple treasures, many of which have been designated Japanese National Treasures or Important Cultural Properties, in a setting that combines the best features of a Buddhist hall and a modern museum, the temple seeks to foster a deeper understanding of the Buddhist tradition and a heightened appreciation of Buddhist material culture among members of the general public.The permanent exhibition includes such National Treasures as the dry-lacquer sculptures of the Eight Kinds of Mythological Beings (including the world-famous Ashura), and the Ten Great Disciples, the Hakuho-period head of Yakushi Nyorai (Skt.The original Eastern Golden Hall was built at the behest of Emperor Shomu to pray for the convalescence of his aunt, the retired Female Emperor Gensho.

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