Adult dating moes online - Does age difference matter when dating

Marrying a woman of the same age or one who is a little older has its own pros and cons too.

Such a marriage ensures that the wife belongs to the same level of maturity and shares responsibilities, liabilities and challenges equally with you.

If you both are on the same level of maturity, don't let the attached age number cloud your decision.

She is also more capable of walking shoulder to shoulder and offer guidance, support and advice as necessary.

A perfect example of this equation is Victoria and David Beckham.

Ask anyone, and they are likely to follow the traditional path, which is, that the guy must be about 3 or 4 years older.

However, there are cases that show that this adage may not always prove true.

A woman is often attracted to a man much older to her in years and often sees in him the qualities of a father-figure.

However unrealistic this may appear, such marriages are often seen to work.If you both want the same thing from the relationship, then you have settled half the battle.Just like couples who are the same age, if you aren't on the same page, things will be just as difficult.Does age difference in a relationship, especially marriage, really matter?Well, the response to this question would be pretty mixed.The first couple that comes to mind when you think of an older woman and a much younger man as her spouse is Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

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